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Deluxe Rocket Stove

Deluxe Rocket Stove

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These stoves are amazing. You can cook and boil water on them with just sticks.

They also make really good gifts or for yourself in case of power outages. 

This stove is made from 4" square tube. The legs and handle are made from flat bar.

***Self feeding stove with removable top*** 

Handle makes it easy to carry.

Leg and top bar holder is $5 additional. The only reason it's not included is because some people like to keep it small as possible. Select which one you would like in the drop down menu.

**The bottom legs and top X are removable. You can use the stove with or without the bottom legs. The bolts just need to be hand tightened. No wrench needed**

Painted black with high heat grill enamel paint rated up to 1200 degrees. If you would like raw steel just send me a note with the order.

Height to top without legs: 11-1/2"
Height to top with legs: 12-3/4"
Length from handle to front: 11-3/4"
Width of legs: 6-3/4"
Length of top flat bars: 9"


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