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Collapsible Rocket Stove Camping Stove

Collapsible Rocket Stove Camping Stove

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 This rocket stove completely breaks down as shown in the picture. It can easily fit in a backpack. 

These stoves are amazing. You can cook and boil water on them with just sticks. These make really good gifts and it's perfect for when the power goes out.

We cut these stoves with a CNC plasma cutter. You can see in the picture it fits very tightly together and locks together to make a strong stove.

Raw steel is no paint at all. It is plain steel.

Optional black paint is high heat grill enamel paint rated up to 1200 degrees.
*Black paint is shown in picture.*

Height: 13-1/8"
Length: 10-1/4"
Width: 5"
Width of back leg: 11-1/2"
Length of top flat bars: 9"
Material: 1/8" thick sheet metal.



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